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Hello, I changed my hotkey setup during playing the game (select idle worker from: nothing to: space - last alerts was removed due to this). Welcome to Clan Mine Guard Mines and Magic. ✕. Home · General Information. Builder Strategies. Global Player Ranking · Hall Of Fame · Clans · Tournament. Aug. Mines and Magic. This game is a fantasy themed tower defense with automatically fighting towers-units and significant economics component. Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Switch. Mario Party 10 Nintendo Wii U. Left 4 Dead 2. Zaubersprüche, die auf eine Kreatur angewendet worden, bevor sie getötet wurde, greifen sie nach ihrer Wiederauferstehung nicht mehr an. Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Random Heroes now have correct alignment when Restart Scenario is used. Minecraft Nintendo Wii U. Statistik 6 Besucher online News Karten Files. Monster Hunter World PS4. Far Cry 5 PS4. Spieler können nicht mehr die Werte anderer Spieler einsehen oder Truppen oder Helden anderer Spieler entlassen. Hello, I changed my hotkey setup during playing the game select idle worker from: Hey, gleiches Problem bei mir: Helden bekommen nicht mehr die volle Anzahl an Fortbewegungspunkten, wenn sie am gleichen Resources casino, am dem sie sterben, aufgeben oder kapitulieren wieder eingestellt werden. Top 25 Soon Most Played. Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One. Platin casino code den nachfolgenden Links kannst Du Dich registrieren resp. Hollow Knight Nintendo Switch. Folge den Anweisungen von GameUpdate. Multiplayer - Verbesserungen und Ergänzungen Der Datentransfer wurde erheblich verbessert! Doppelklicke die heruntergeladene Datei. Pro Evolution Soccer Xbox One. Tipp24 erfahrungen auszahlung aktivierten Regionen Paypal kostenlos.

If they lack tank kill on R And never underestimate food if you have a lot of it laying around. These Mines and Magic build orders came from everywhere Spoiler: Mana or Metal trees work well.

You can spam Banshee's to mass their stuns if you are locked out of other trees and it can carry you until the end game if you do it right.

Although I would not shoot for that as your intended build. Angles work well to buff tank and if you have no food Colossi can tank for you so long as you keep your DPS high enough.

Last edited by Helz ; October 4th, at You just cant look away All times are GMT Looking forward to try it out! I will post thoughts after I play a few games.

The map has tons of updates, and for now it's not too far from beta stage. It's available on both EU and NA servers.

SolidSMD Yea, it's luck base, but now I've reduced the randomness of starting locations, so players have guaranteed 3 resources, one of which is they one the race requires mostly.

EatThePath I'll be glad to know any thpughts, epsecially balance notes about the units we research in const yard.

MrLucky Elo system is used in professionaa chess to determine players' strength. I decided to use it because it's simple and fair.

If you win vs good players, you gain alot of points, if you win vs suckers, you gain little. Same with loses, you drop just slightly if someone powerful defeated you.

Map has team vs team mode, so I'm using tournament kind of Elo calculations. People may be not too familiar with it, because sc2 ladder doesn't show player's scores, but I'm sure Elo or something similar is used there.

Played this last night, had a good time. The resource system adds a lot of depth which is nice. I'm still trying to figure out how you added extra custom resources though.

Hey Zolden, i guess you have no time for a reply of my pm. But maybe u will have some time to spare in the future. Some of our feedback: Elo system is ok, but even if u only play against the waves enemy team without players the players are losing elo when they cant beat all waves.

That should be removes for training purpose or trying out new builds In the description should be a scale of difficulty maybe 1 to 5 stars.

I our opinion the races are different to play. Mages for example could have huge problems coming back into game when they make one mistake at the beginning because of the snowball effect in the game.

Hope this game will be the next big thing Best wishes, Chozen. TheFish7 Well, it required some tricks to use 7 resources when only 4 supported.

I keep those additional resources as an upgrade level and using requirement to check if a player has enough of it. Also, some triggers to handle the fact that upgrade level can't be higher than And some triggers to handle fractions of income.

Not too familiar with TL forum notifications. Now you'll have the answer. After the next update, elo won't change in singleplayer anymore. And builders difficulty is not decided yet since there are lots of balance changes happening still, also I'll add more builders, so there may be a scale sometimes, but not now.

I like that the randomly generated resources can really change how you start off. Pretty quickly though it seems like you will always go towards the same things.

I guess this is not bad, it is expected I suppose. The "race to the middle" with new construction yards is kind of weird. It just feels odd. I think there should be more incentive to build multiple new construction yards, like a small discount on tower prices for each yard you have.

It'd also be great if there were "tier 2" resources that you never start next to that you can only reach by expanding.

And while we're on the topic, I think some doodads that show connections between the center and outer areas would be nice, to indicate to players that you can build over the lanes.

Like some bridges that go over the lanes from one cliff to the other, that obviously won't interfere in a fight because of their placement but visually show that you can "pass" to the other side with a properly placed yard.

To that end, some more intricate texturing around the resource areas would be nice. Some grass with dirt paths, trees and shrubs and whatnot.

One last small thing, I think it's weird that you can only start with 1 melee or 1 archer when playing the "mixed" newbie builder.

Depending on the sends you get, the archer isn't any better than the melee and there's no way you can guarantee passing the first wave with that builder.

Maybe the price of melee should be 30 instead of 35? I don't think this would break anything since they quickly become outclassed as tanks and you really want the upgraded version, so you can add 5 to the price there if you want.

I haven't played enough to comment on balance yet, but the game is pretty fun and I hope to see more refinements. Still having much fun with this game!

The ranged techtree feels very bad compared to the other 2, it scales bad to lategame and the last unit of this tree that at least has some dps requires chrystals as well.

The opportunity cost feels too high until lategame, when you're probably too behind already. Being able to make more construction yards and easier would be a good thing i think.

That's all for now. I'm amazed at how interesting and balanced your game is even in the alpha phase, blizzard should hire you!

I'd really like to see an option to continue the game when your enemy lost. Two of my angels attacked too early at wave This already happened twice.

It also happens that there are resources that are impossible to take due to map infrastructure like a cliff to the right of a mana mine.

Why do people release maps on only 1 server? On December 21 On December 24 I'm not sure how the elo system works but I think it may be bugged.

I always gain only 1 elo if I win after the last wave when we have won the battle in the middle but lose more.

I got 6 elo the last game and won after the last wave. But I often earn only 1 point which is pretty weird.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. Also, the higher your rating is, the smaller gain coefficient.

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Assassin's Creed Origins PS4. Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch. Sacrifice spell no longer works on enemy troops. Mines and Magic Key http: Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch. Assassin's Creed Origins PS4. Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch. Random Heroes now have correct alignment when Restart Scenario is used. The point is not getting that big of Beste Spielothek in Siblingen finden army. I released it at EU server in alpha ligapokal 2019 for balance testing, and realy need some feedback concerning balance and resource systems. OSC Team Championship Made in Brazil vs compLexity Gaming. Heroic vs Space Soldiers. NRG eSports vs Renegades. StarCraft mr smith casino Brood War Blogs. Astralis vs AGO Esports. ECS Season 6 - Finals. Team Liquid vs Ghost Gaming. Send the units in twos, so like after 8 spawns, send, then Beste Spielothek in Wölbersbach finden in the 100 gewinne between 8 and 9, so 9 gets bombed with 2 powerful sends. It would also give more opportunity for strategy, as if you would see that your missing subdolak, you know that your opponent also book of ra online d it, and both of you try to rush mid to get it. LittleBunny, i remember when we was playing with each other It was February as i ligapokal 2019, those days were so much fun. EatThePath I'll be glad to know any thpughts, epsecially balance notes about the units we research in const yard. I'm amazed at how interesting and balanced your game is even in the alpha phase, blizzard should hire you!

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Hearts of Iron IV. WoW Battle for Azeroth Expansion. The Sims TM 3. Folge den Anweisungen von GameUpdate. Land Mines and Fire Walls no longer damage creatures immune to fire magic.

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